“Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” is the #1 selling album of 2012 and the single “Take Me To My Love” feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles of the year ...... GOGO Music 10th Anniversary Collections Vol. I - IV - out now ... GOGO Music - 10 years young and fresher than ever ...... some highlights: 'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Complicated' hits #1 on Traxsource for almost 3 weeks and makes it to #1 in the Mascom/Yarona charts in Botswana ..... 'Blackcoffee feat. Bucie - Turn me on' (incl. Raw Artistic Soul remixes) # 3 in the "Best of 2009" charts of Traxsource ..... Ralf GUM with 4 releases in the 'Best of 2009' charts of Traxsource .... Ralf GUM & Monique Bingham hit #1 on Traxsource with 'Little W. 12th St.' again, after they scored the #1 spot in the 2008 sales chart of Traxsource with 'Kissing Strangers' .... find many more in our news and news archive!

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Out now here: GOGO Music proudly presents the second single from Ralf GUM’s forthcoming album, ‘In My City’, titled “The Pap” which features unique Monique Bingham. Following up their 2012 official #1 chart smash and South African anthem ‘Take Me To My Love’, it’s a song for all deep Heads with Soul and co-produced by the inimitable Phil Kullmann aka Raw Artistic Soul. Already played by radio-stations of the album and charted in South Africa officially prior its release, this is predetermined to be another Summer Anthem in Mzansi. Releasedate: 10th of October 2014. (13.09.2014)

More good news coming our way, as the first single of Ralf GUMs forthcoming album „In My City”, together with rising soul star Portia Monique and titled „Free (Is All I Wanna Be)” hit the official South African Top 10 on position 8. (27.08.2014)

We’re happy to announce that Ralf GUM’s 3rd and forthcoming album „In My City” was licensed to Sony Music / House Afrika in South Africa and will be released in the motherland on 18th of August. Moulded with Ralf’s signature penchant for melody, instrumentation, it casts a stellar list of artists ranging from SA legend Hugh Masekela, UK soul architect Omar, Afrobeat loyalist Dele Sosimi, House Queen Monique Bingham to also a refreshing assemblage of newer generation artists, as German newcomer Lee Bling, rising soul star Portia Monique, South African KB and previous collaborators Parisian Jocelyn Mathieu and US Jazzer Kafele. Following up Ralf’s gold selling album “Never Leaves You” and produced by himself, Phil Kullmann and Michael Ehnes, “In My City” will see its global release on the 6th of October 2014. (13.08.2014)

Great news: Ralf GUM feat. Portia Monique "Free (Is All I Wanna Be)" is a new entry in the official South African charts (Mediaguide Top 100 Chart - Week 30) at #66. (23.07.2014)

Ralf GUM "IN MY CITY" ALBUM PRE-LAUNCH AND BIRTHDAY WEEKENDER. Ralf GUM is set to celebrate his birthday with 4 events taking place in Gauteng, South Africa. To higher the excitement the occasion coincidences with something else that is definitely worth celebrating. The gigs will serve as pre-launches for his upcoming album "IN MY CITY", which will be released on 18th of August on Sony Music in the motherland. With Monique Bingham live PA and some of the best deep house jocks of SA. 31.07. Shaguma, Midrand; 01.08. Bahaman Bar, Kwa Thema; 02.08. House 22, Pretoria; 03.08. The Rock, Soweto. (22.07.2014)

Out now everywhere, get the digital download e.g. here: GOGO Music is extremely delighted to present the first single from Ralf GUM’s forthcoming album, “In My City”. It features Seattle-based soul sensation Portia Monique and is titled “Free (Is All I Wanna Be)”. After the huge success of Ralf GUM’s 2012 long-player, “Never Leaves You” (which was gold-awarded in South Africa and the best selling album of the year on Traxsource), this song will certainly increase the anticipation for GUM’s full-length. Releasedate: 18th of July 2014. (30.06.2014)

Out now everywhere, get the digital download e.g. here: GOGO Music starts classy into 2014 with the third single from "Joseph Junior & MAQman" released on the label and appositely titled “Can’t Do Without It”. This time Joseph and MAQman come up with a sweet song, which is slightly deeper than their first two outings. With strong remix treatments from Sir LSG, Jonathan Meyer and Rune this song ought to repeat the success of the duos previous singles. Release date: 28th of February 2014 (04.02.2014)

Not too bad! 5 of the 6 GOGO Music single releases of 2013 made it to the Top Singles of the year on Traxsource and Ralf GUM's album "Never Leaves You" which was the best selling album of 2012 there, made it again to the Best Selling Albums of the year on #28. We truly appreciate your support! (09.12.2013)

We’re happy to see that Oluhle won the 'Best Female Artist' award at ADA Awards 2013, UK, for her song LINDA produced by Ralf GUM and released on GOGO Music. (17.11.2013)

After GOGO 058 hit ‘Sir LSG feat. Brian Temba & Kafele’ hit #3 in Traxsource Top Singles and still rides high in the Top 100, GOGO 059 ‘Ralf GUM feat. Jon Pierce & Kafele’ made it to the top spot. As well much love to Spirit Of House, who have the two releases on #1 and #2 in their current chart. (20.09.2013)

Ralf GUM gives an exclusive insight interview into his new single 'Never' featuring Jon Pierce and Kafele and taken from his Gold awarded long-player 'Never Leaves You' on Traxsource news. Read it here. (17.09.2013)

Out now. Get the digital download e.g. here. GOGO Music keeps at it with this stunning and real heartfelt song titled ‘Never’, which gave Ralf GUM’s album ‘Never Leaves You’ its name. Featuring Chicagoan crooner Jon Pierce and Kafele on trumpet and background vocals, the song received much praise since the long-player was released. Finally it receives its single release with remixes by no one less than the legendary Louie Vega. Release-date: 27th of September 2013. (09.09.2013)

Out now, get it here: GOGO Music proudly comes up with the second release of Sir LSG, after we presented you ‘Sax In The City’, which still was released under his former moniker ‘Hood Natives’ and became a smash-hit in 2011. This time Sir LSG teamed up with renown Soul-singer Brian Temba and Kafele who adds his distinctive trumpet lines. Remixes are contributed by DJ Spinna and Ben Moss to complete a splendiferous release. Releasedate: 13th of September 2013 (18.08.2013)

We've uploaded some impressions of 2 tours done July 2013 in South Africa on our Youtube channel. Check out Ralf GUM's birthday tour here and the Magic Sessions tour feat. Jocelyn Mathieu here. (14.08.2013)

Out now everywhere, get the digital download e.g. here: GOGO Music is delighted to present you another song taken from Ralf GUM full length artist album ‘Never Leaves You’, which earned a Gold Award in South Africa and was the best selling album of the year on Traxsource, too. The opening track of the long-player ‘Everything’ now sees its single-release including a gorgeous remix by Ezel. Releasedate: 21st of June 2013 (07.06.2013)

'Ralf GUM feat. Kafele - Burning Star' - the official music video is now on our Youtube channel. View the video here. Taken from the full length album 'Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You' and out as well as single on GOGO Music (get the digital download e.g. here). GOGO Music ... music it is and is it! (28.05.2013)

Out now everywhere, get the digital download e.g. here: GOGO Music presents you with this single the tight collaboration of Ralf GUM and Kenny Bobien. “The Only Way” is taken from Ralf’s long-player “Never Leaves You” and urged for real powerful remixers which we found with Raw Artistic Soul and Terry Hunter, who both deliver great treatments to complete this fine release. Releasedate: 19th of April 2013 (02.04.2013)

Out now everywhere, get the digital download e.g. here: GOGO Music carries on with genuine songs, presenting you this time a production by the South African trio Nativeroots who are featuring Zano on vocals. The Original of "Taking Over The World", already causes stir on the motherlands dance-floors and is now ready to hit them worldwide with fresh remixes by the ever soulful Sean McCabe. Releasedate: 29th of March 2013. (15.03.2013)

GOGO Music and Katsaitis Music are again joining forces, this time to bring Kafele and Monique Bingham to South Africa for extensive club tours over two consecutive weekends in March. The gigs are in honour of the Gold award bestowed on Ralf GUM’s artist album “Never Leaves You” and double as a birthday celebration for the legendary DJ Christos. Kafele will be in South Africa from 20th until 24th of March and Monique Bingham from 28th to 31st of March 2013. (14.03.2013)

Out now everywhere, get the digital download e.g. here: GOGO Music starts into 2013 with the next single taken from Ralf GUM's gold awarded album "Never Leaves You", which was the best selling artist album of the year 2012 on prime house download-store Traxsource, too. "Burning Star" sees the well-proven combination of Ralf GUM and Kafele in top form and receives now blazing remixes by Glenn Underground, Sir LSG and Kafele himself. This is definitely a mouth-watering release for the connoisseur of soulful music. Releasedate: 8th of February 2013 (17.01.2013)

We are very proud to announce that the “Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You” album hit GOLD status in South Africa! Order your CD copy now at Bandcamp or get it in every digital download-store. (19.12.2012)

We are amped to see that GOGO Music releases once more topped the sales charts of the year on Traxsource. “Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You” is the #1 selling album of 2012 and the single “Take Me To My Love” feat. Monique Bingham made it to #2 in the best selling singles. Furthermore “Ralf GUM feat. Robert Owens – Fly Free” is beyond the Top 50 singles. GOGO Music ... music it is and is it! View the Top Artist Albums of the year here. (08.12.2012)

"Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love" hits #1 in the official South African Top 100 RAMS chart (week 47). (05.12.2012)

Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham "Take Me To My Love" the official video premiered on SABC 1 in South Africa 16th of November. Now as well on Youtube. Taken from the album "Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You" released on GOGO Music and in South Africa on House Afrika / Sony Music Africa. Watch it here. (18.11.2012)

We're pleased to see "Ralf GUM feat. Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love" on #1 of South Africa's biggest radio-station Metro FM, while it is now for 12 weeks in the Traxsource charts. Ralf GUM's album "Never Leaves You" hit #1 in the local sales charts of Musica in South Africa. Thanks to all who support the music. (12.11.2012)

Ralf GUM feat. Robert Owens - Fly Free - official video (filmed in South Africa). Fly Free is taken from the full lenght album "Ralf GUM - Never Leaves You" out now. View it on Youtube. (01.10.2012)

Sneak peek and behind the scenes video for Ralf GUM's latest album "Never Leaves You". Check it out here. (20.09.2012)

Long awaited and finally here - the new Ralf GUM album "Never Leaves You" - Blues & Soul Magazine describes it, as "soul-house goodness on the grandest possible scale" while SoulM8 writes, that it "is head and shoulders above the rest of what others call house music." Featuring an impressive list of finest vocalists including Caron Wheeler, Monique Bingham, Jaidene Veda, Oluhle, Robert Owens, Kenny Bobien, Kafele, Jocelyn Mathieu and Jon Pierce, this longplayer is made to "never leave you". Worldwide releasedate: 24th of September 2012 - order your copy here or get the digital download in every download-store. (13.09.2012)

A Ralf GUM interview with DMC, one of world's leading EDM websites... Read it here. (09.09.2012)

Out now everywhere, get the digital download e.g. here: GOGO Music increases the pressure with the third single taken from Ralf GUM’s long player “Never Leaves You” to be released worldwide this September. When Monique Bingham and Ralf team up, the magic is inevitable. “Take Me To My Love” is no exception. Remixes are contributed by some of the industries most esteemed heavy-weight producers: Raw Artistic Soul, Louis Benedetti and completing the package, a sleek jazzy version remixed by Monique Bingham herself. Releasedate: 21st of September 2012 (28.08.2012)

Download now out everywhere: GOGO Music delightedly presents the second single of "Joseph Junior & MAQman" following their debut release "I Don't See Love", which was put out to great critical acclaim last year in fall. For their new outing "No Better Love", Joseph and MAQman are complimenting their styles perfectly once more, delivering a lush disco and gospel pollinated House tune. Ralf GUM is doing the remix honours and furthermore teams up with MAQman for a joint remix which completes another choice addition to our catalogue. Get it e.g. here. Releasedate: 17th of August 2012 (30.07.2012)

A Ralf GUM interview with Liquistyle, a South African lifestyle website... Read it here. (03.07.2012)

We are pleased to see that Ralf GUM feat. Oluhle - Linda - GOGO 051 hit #1 in single download-charts of Traxsource. (30.06.2012)

Download out now everywhere: GOGO Music presents the second single taken from Ralf GUM's forthcoming long-player 'Never Leaves You' featuring Oluhle singing an inspirational gospel tune in Zulu which is entitled 'Linda'. The Original of the song already caused ample hype in South Africa since Ralf started to play it on his gigs there. It is now available rounded of with a lush rework by aspiring producer talent Da Capo. Worldwide releasedate: 13th of July 2012. Get it e.g. here. (19.06.2012)

A Ralf GUM Q&A on Stompy. Check it out here. (13.05.2012)

Vinyl and download out now everywhere: GOGO Music is delighted to present the first single taken from the forthcoming "Ralf GUM – Never Leaves You" album, which will be released later this year. "Fly Free" is featuring "the voice of House Music" Robert Owens over a sleek and simmering track of Ralf GUM, that has a right portion of afro influences. DJ Spinna lends his first-rate remix skills to the project, to complete a choice release worthily GOGO Music’s 50th vinyl single release. Get it e.g. here. (27.03.2012)

The Ralf GUM DJ mix app for Android is here! With the official Ralf GUM App you can discover and listen to Ralf GUM‘s latests DJ mixes in addition to realtime news, events and contact informations. Download it here for free. (07.03.2012)

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